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A Murnaghan-Nakayama Rule for Quantum Cohomology of the Flag Manifold Benedetti , Carolina


Given $k<n$ and a hook $\lambda$ inside a $k,(n-k)$ box, Mészáros et. al. made use of right operators to provide a rule for the expansion of the quantum Schur polynomial $s_{\lambda}$ in term of generators in the quantum Fomin-Kirillov algebra. In this talk, we will make use of Mészáros et. al. result to provide a different combinatorial interpretation of such expansion, using left operators. Moreover, we will derive a combinatorial rule for the product of a quantum power-sum polynomial times a quantum Schubert polynomial. This is current work with N. Bergeron, L. Colmenarejo, F. Saliola, F. Sottile.

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