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Combinatorial methods for symbolic powers Seceleanu, Alexandra


We investigate symbolic powers of ideals that arise from combinatorial data. Examples include monomial ideals and ideals defining certain flats in the intersection lattice of a hyperplane arrangement. I will survey what has been done towards elucidating the asymptotic behavior of the symbolic powers of such ideals. Several invariants have been introduced and studied in this context, including the Waldschmidt constant and the resurgence. We give bounds on these asymptotic invariants. This is based on joint works with Bocci-Cooper-Guardo-Harbourne-Janssen-Nagel-Van Tuyl-Vu, Dumnicki-Harbourne-Nagel-Szemberg-Tutaj Gasińska and Bauer-Di Rocco-Harbourne-Huizenga-Szemberg.

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