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Semi-canonical embeddings for rational compexity-one T-varieties Manon, Chris


A normal affine toric variety X with no torus factors has a canonical equivariant embedding in affine space, determined by the Hilbert basis of the weight cone of X. This embedding has many nice properties: the tropicalization Trop(X) with respect to this embedding is a linear subspace of R^n, every initial ideal corresponding to a point in Trop(X) is simply the ideal of X, and the generators for the coordinate ring of X form a Khovanskii basis with respect to any full-rank homogeneous valuation. In this talk, I will report on joint work with Nathan Ilten in which we generalize this situation to normal rational affine varieties equipped with the action of a codimension-one torus. We produce explicit affine embeddings of such varieties, and show that these embeddings enjoy properties similar to those found in the toric situation.

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