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2D or not 2D… what is the question? Angelini, Thomas


The differences between cells cultured on 2D surfaces and cells grown in 3D matrix are well recognized. In addition to their contrasting cell morphology, mechanical behavior, and migration mode, comparisons of cells in 2D and 3D through micro-array analyses reveal anti-correlated patterns of gene expression. However, the extensive discoveries of cells’ chemo-mechanical behaviors on 2D culture surfaces have established the framework we need to facilitate the study of cell mechanics in 3D culture systems and in tissues. Here I will describe recent investigations of collective mechanical behavior of cell monolayers, focusing on intercellular fluid transport, and introduce a new microgel-based 3D culture system in which related multi-cellular behaviors can be explored. This 3D culture medium allows simple multi-cellular structures to be designed and 3D printed for addressing fundamental research questions about cell mechanics in tissues.

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