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Theory and Measurements of Large Scale Heterogeneities in Gas-Solid Flows Hrenya, Christine


Talk: Keynote Abstract: Recent progress on large-scale heterogeneities in high-velocity, vertical gas-solid flows will be surveyed. From a theoretical perspective, the quantative accuracy of kinetic-theory-based continuum descriptions will be critically assessed based on comparison with DNS data. A framework for the incorporation of cohesive forces that links micro-scale forces with macro-scale behavior will also be outlined. From an experimental perspective, recent shadowgraphy data of small agglomerates in riser flow will be presented, as well as accompanying CFD-DEM simulations illustrating differences between the nature of large-scale heterogeneities in non-cohesive vs. mildly cohesive flows. This talk will thus take the form of a survey of recent results from the group that can be discussed in greater detail throughout the workshop.

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