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Attempts to parallelize SDC Speck, Robert


Spectral deferred corrections (SDC) are an easy way to construct higher-order time integration schemes from simple base integrators, e.g. backward Euler or velocity-Verlet. In addition, their iterative nature makes them an attractive subject for investigating parallelization in time. The most prominent example is the "parallel full approximation scheme in space in time" (PFASST), which couples SDC and multigrid techniques in a clever yet slightly intricate way. While PFASST parallelizes the computation of multiple steps in time, we will focus on the direct, single-step parallelization of SDC iterations themselves. In this talk, we will explore different approaches and show their strengths (if any) as well as their (often severe) limitations. Results of this investigation will turn out to be rather diverse, so this talk is also meant to challenge the community to find better and more robust ways for parallelizing SDC across the method.

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