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Moving under confinement Rubi, Miguel


How does confinement alter the transport properties of colloidal particles, the functionalities of molecular ma- chines and in general the mechanisms of energy-transfer and energy-conversion at small scales? This question, fundamental for the modelling of soft-matter systems and biological systems, is attracting the interest of many researchers in the field. In a basic model proposed, the confinement effects are considered through an entropic potential. It has been shown that transport through entropic barriers or entropic transport exhibits peculiar charac- teristics very different from those observed when activation takes place through energetic barriers. In this talk, I will briefly review recent progresses in the study of entropic transport and its applications to soft-matter and biolog- ical systems. I will show that the confinement plays a very important role in the mechanisms of energy-conversion at the nanoscale, in particular in the functionality of molecular machines.

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