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Few Electron Triple Quantum Dot Circuits Sachrajda, Andrew


Few electron electrostatically gated quantum dots have been developed historically with two main purposes in mind. Firstly, they provide an excellent and controlled experimental laboratory for comparison with exact theoretical model calculations. Secondly, the versatility and tunability that results from having electrical control over the relevant quantum dot properties produced a potential platform for the development of spin based quantum computers and simulators. The materials in which the quantum dots are defined have important consequences for experiments via parameters such as those related to hyperfine, spin-orbit and electron-phonon coupling. The quantum dots described in this talk are defined in GaAs/AlGaAs heterostructure. In this talk I will review some recent experiments we have performed on triple few electron quantum dots. A brief introduction will be provided about this genre of quantum dot devices and the techniques which have been developed to make measurements, e.g. how information about the spin state is obtained directly from charge measurements and how it is possible to identify the electron occupation of each quantum dot in an array. The emphasis on the talk will be on the surprisingly important and coherent role that phonons play in some of the measurements either directly or in combination with spin-orbit effects. A variety of experimental probes such as Landau-Zener-Stuckelberg-Majorana spin interferometry will be used to illustrate the effects.

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