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Geometrically continuous splines on surfaces of arbitrary topology Villamizar, Nelly


We study the space of geometrically continuous splines, or piecewise polynomial functions, on topological surfaces. These surfaces consist of a collection of rectangular and triangular patches together with gluing data that identifies pairs of polygonal edges. A spline is said to be G1-geometrically continuous on a topological surface if they are C1-continoous functions across the edges after the composition by a transition map. In the talk we will describe the required compatibility conditions on the transition maps so that the C1-smoothness is achieved, and give a formula for a lower bound on the dimension of the G1 spline space. In particular, we will show that this lower bound gives the exact dimension of the space for a sufficiently large degree of the polynomials pieces. We will also present some examples to illustrate the construction of basis functions for splines of small degree on particular topological surfaces. *This is a joint work with Bernard Mourrain and Raimundas Vidunas.

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