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Three-dimensional numerical simulations of two- and three-phase flows Xie, Zhihua


Talk: Regular Abstract: Multiphase flows where two or more fluids have interfacial surfaces are often found in industrial engineering applications, including bubbles and droplets. The objective of this study is to investigate the fluid dynamics of three-dimensional two- and three-phase flow problems, such as falling liquid films, liquid jets, droplet impacting upon a gas-liquid interface and bubble rising through a liquid-liquid interface. An adaptive unstructured mesh modelling framework is employed here to study two- and three-phase flow problems, which can modify and adapt unstructured meshes to better represent the underlying physics of multiphase problems and reduce computational effort without sacrificing accuracy. The numerical framework consists of a mixed control volume and finite element formulation, a ‘volume of fluid’ type method for the interface capturing based on a compressive control volume advection method and second-order finite element methods, and a force-balanced algorithm for the surface tension implementation. Numerical examples of some benchmark tests and the dynamics of two- and three-phase flows are presented to demonstrate the capability of this method.

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