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Hydrodynamic and Interfacial Phenomena in Multiphase Systems Evans, Geoffrey


Talk: Keynote Abstract: Multiphase systems are ubiquitous in industrial applications aimed at the generation of products either by chemical/biological reaction or physical separation based on density, electrical charge or surface properties such as hydrophobicity. The physical processing of these multiphase systems is carried out at all scales of operation and within an endless variety of vessel shapes and ancillary devices. Underpinning each process is a complex interaction between phases involving hydrodynamic, heat and mass transport. At Newcastle, we are focusing on visualizing, quantitative measurement and theoretical and computational modelling of the phenomena that are taking place at the phase boundaries in multiphase systems. In particular, we are developing both modelling and measurement techniques to evaluate both spatial and temporal distribution of energy dissipation rates. This information is then being fundamentally related to the rate of heat/mass transfer, dispersion, breakup-coalescence, and hydrodynamic stability. Finally, these relationships are being used as the foundation for the development of systems that provide ideal energy dissipation rate at desired locations and at desired length scales. Our latest research, including innovative measurement approaches as well as analytical, CFD, DEM and DNS modelling approaches, will be presented for fluidised beds, novel mineral flotation approaches, and high temperature reactors.

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