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Three phases and a supercomputer: recent advances in multiphase simulation techniques Desjardins, Olivier


Talk: Plenary Abstract: Multiphase flows are ubiquitous in environmental and engineering applications. One category of flow of great importance in energy conversion devices is the formation of a liquid spray, a process called atomization. Due to their nonlinear and multiscale nature, such liquid-gas flows present a significant modeling challenge, especially when novel control strategies such as electro-hydrodynamics are considered. In addition, flow variables exhibit discontinuities across the phase interface, leading to numerical difficulties. Another category of flow of importance for energy conversion is dense particle-laden flows, as found in fluidized bed reactors. These flows are strongly multiscale, and momentum coupling between the gas carrier phase and finite-sized particles can lead to the production of gas-phase kinetic energy fluctuations, leading to cluster-induced turbulence which needs to be modeled. With the advent of more powerful computing resources, simulating such flows from first principles is becoming viable. As with single-phase flows, numerical methods need to be carefully designed to guarantee convergence under grid refinement, primary conservation of key quantities such as mass and momentum, and excellent parallel performance. We will discuss how such properties can be obtained in the context of various multiphase turbulent flows, including atomizing liquid jets and fluidized beds, as well as three-phase flows.

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