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Multiscale modeling approaches for multiphase flows Pannala, Sreekanth


Talk: Regular Abstract: Developing new and efficient commercial scale chemical reactors is extremely difficult as one needs to consider the complex interactions over a wide range of both temporal and spatial scales encountered in these systems (from molecules to macroscale). Therefore, it is important to codify and automate the knowledge collectively acquired so far, reserving human resources for the creative solutions that build upon codifying past learnings. Computational science (algorithms, theory and modeling, computer science, etc.) combined with exponential growth in computing hardware has great potential to revolutionize the way science and engineering has been performed. For this reason, computational science is often called the third pillar of modern science, complementing observations and theory. The complexity of the problem is introduced using biomass gasifier/pyrolyser, nuclear fuel coater, and fluidized bed polymerization reactors as examples and I will provide an overview of the various models currently used at the different scales. The coupling across the scales will be introduced through few different approaches: a) Discrete-Continuum Coupling using Discrete Element Method for particles b) A wavelet based technique for coupling multiple modeling approaches at different scales c) Upscaling data from Discrete Element Modeling results to continuum

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