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Revisiting the Classical Porous Media Theory Using Lattice Boltzmann Simulations Vidal, David


Talk: Regular Abstract: Since the advent and popularization of the lattice Boltzmann method in the mid-nineties, this novel computational fluid dynamics approach has emerged as the method of choice for the simulation of flows through porous media. The success of this method in this context stems from its ease in discretizing complex geometries by means of a simple structured lattice on which the fluid and solid phases are encoded in a Boolean manner, and the inherent locality of its scheme, which makes it straightforwardly suitable for parallelization on distributed computers. Flows through computational domains involving billions of lattice cells can now readily be simulated on reasonably sized supercomputers and this opens up never-seen-before opportunities for improving classical porous media theory. Examples on how the lattice Boltzmann method has been used in our research group for predicting the impact of particle size polydispersity on the permeability of sphere packings and fibrous filters will be presented, as well as some practical applications.

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