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Dense solid-liquid flows with mass transfer Derksen, Jos


Talk: Keynote Abstract: Many engineered processes rely on mass transfer between a solids phase and a liquid phase. Agitation and fluidization of dense solid-liquid suspensions are common ways of enhancing transfer rates. Suspensions have large interfacial area and the slip velocities between the phases help in transporting chemical species towards and away from the interfaces where in many cases surface-reactions occur. We present detailed simulations of flow dynamics and mass transfer in dense suspensions with explicit resolution of the solid-liquid interfaces. There are a number of challenges that will be discussed in this presentation: (1) Particle shape: resolving the flow around non-spherical particles and dealing with the frequent collisions between non-spherical particles in dense suspensions. (2) High Schmidt numbers associated with liquids ask for dedicated methods for sufficient resolution of the (fine) mass-transfer boundary layers. (3) Industrial liquids often exhibit complex rheological behavior that needs to be incorporated in numerical simulations.

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