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Molecular Thermodynamics for Chemical Process Modeling and Simulation Chen, Chau-Chyun


Talk: Regular Abstract: Process modeling and simulation is a key enabling technology for chemical engineers to develop and design innovative and safe chemical processes. The underlying molecular thermodynamic models provide the scientific foundation essential for all process calculations involving thermophysical properties, heat and mass transfer, chemical reactions, phase and chemical equilibria, etc. Indeed, tremendous past accomplishments and recent advances in molecular thermodynamics have served chemical engineers well and contributed to the wide acceptance of process modeling and simulation especially in oil and gas industry and petrochemical industry. A prominent recent example is the development of a novel molecular thermodynamic model for chemical absorption of CO2 with a proprietary organic amine solution and the application of the model in the development, design, and optimization of the 1st commercial scale CO2 capture unit operated by Saskpower. However, many unsolved problems remain while new challenges emerge as chemical engineers explore new opportunities and frontiers such as carbon capture and sequestration, energy storage, saline water remediation, nuclear waste disposal, etc. This talk highlights several high impact research opportunities in the pursuit of sustainable energy. Specifically, we present new advances in molecular thermodynamics in support of modeling and simulation for high salinity produced water treatment processes in oil and gas production, defense nuclear waste treatment processes, noble metal extraction from recycled electronics, asphaltene aggregation in petroleum processing, and hybrid sulfur (HyS) cycle for hydrogen production.

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