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Beyond clonal interference: scrutinizing the diversity of the stochastic  dynamics of three interacting clones Smadi, Charline


In large adapting clonal species, several beneficial mutations can co-occur, affecting the process of adaptation, and especially its rate. Several experimental and theoretical works showed that clonal interference can be an important factor limiting the rate of adaptation. However, models done so far do not embrace the diversity of observed dynamics in experiments, especially non-linear dynamics. We develop here a three-type stochastic birth and death model with explicit competitive interactions between clones and describe the complexity of the emerging dynamics of the population, supposing that two mutants enter a resident population in a single copy at different times. These clones can either get fixed, be lost or be maintained in polymorphism, depending on their competitive abilities. We show that frequency-dependent selection can give rise to unexpected dynamics: competitive interactions between clones can foster adaptation by increasing or decreasing both the fixation probability and time of beneficial mutations.

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