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Strong Cosmic Censorship in cosmological Bianchi class B perfect fluids and vacuum Radermacher, Katharina


Einstein’s field equations of General Relativity can be formulated as an initial value problem, where the initial data corresponds to the metric and second fundamental form of a Cauchy hypersurface. This initial value problem has a maximal globally hyperbolic development which is unique up to isometry. The Strong Cosmic Censorship conjecture states that, at least for generic initial data, this development is inextendible, in the sense that there is no solution to the field equations larger than that determined by the initial data. In this talk, I consider the case where the initial data is symmetric under the action of a three- dimensional Lie group (i.e. a Bianchi model), and the stress-energy tensor is assumed to be that of a perfect fluid or vacuum. I present new results proving Strong Cosmic Censorship in a specific class of Bianchi models, namely non-exceptional Bianchi B spacetimes. I further discuss in more detail the asymptotic behaviour of such spacetimes towards the initial singularity.

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