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Examining Blow-up of the 3D Euler Equations via Inviscid Regularization: A New Computational Approach Larios, Adam


We will discuss a computational study of a new blow-up criterion for the 3D incompressible Euler equations, based on the 3D Euler-Voigt equations. Traditional computational searches for blow-up have looked to the enstrophy coming from the 3D Euler equations themselves, which are not known to be globally well-posed, and moreover, are extremely difficult to simulate accurately. In contrast, the new blow-up criterion we investigate relies only on analyzing the enstrophy of the 3D Euler-Voigt equations, which are known to be globally well-posed and are less computationally intensive to simulate accurately over a certain range of the regularization parameter. We also study an analogue of this approach in the setting of the well-understood Burgers equation.

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