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Transversals to horocycle flow on the moduli space of translation surfaces Work, Grace


Computing the distribution of the gaps between slopes of saddle connections is a question that was studied first by Athreya and Cheung in the case of the torus, motivated by the connection with Farey fractions, and then in the case of the golden L by Athreya, Chaika, and Lelievre. Their strategy involved translating the question of gaps between slopes of saddle connections into return times under horocycle flow on the space of translation surfaces to a specific transversal. We show how to use this strategy to explicitly compute the distribution in the case of the octagon, the first case where the Veech group has multiple cusps, how to generalize the construction of the transversal to the general Veech case (both joint work with Caglar Uyanik), and how to parametrize the transversal in the case of a generic surface in $\mathcal{H}(2)$.

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