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The LIQUi|> simulator tutorial Roetteler, Martin


LIQUi|> provides a modular software architecture for the simulation of quantum algorithms. It provides a high level interface and is independent of a specific quantum architecture. Recently we’ve released LIQUi|> to the public for academic use. It is a free package that runs on Windows, Linux and OSX as a provided executable with built-in examples and sample scripts as well as a development environment (using Visual Studio or mono, also freely available) that allows the user to compile their own quantum algorithms into an executable. The package includes a User’s Manual as well as over 700 pages of API documentation. This tutorial will focus on: -obtaining and installing the package from -obtaining and installing Visual Studio and mono as development environments (best for attendees to do this beforehand following instructions on the above web site, see “Getting Started”) -getting the system running using built in examples (e.g., Shor) -how to draw circuits (e.g., Teleport) -editing, compiling and running your own circuit (step-by-step) -use of scripting (e.g., controlling and creating Quantum Chemistry tests) -overview of documentation (User’s Manual, API docs, Videos, GitHub community)

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