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A framework for approximating qubit unitaries Kliuchnikov, Vadym


We present an algorithm for efficiently approximating of qubit unitaries over gate sets derived from totally definite quaternion algebras. It achieves ε-approximations using circuits of length O(log(1/ε)), which is asymptotically optimal. The algorithm achieves the same quality of approximation as previously-known algorithms for Clifford+T [arXiv:1212.6253], V-basis [arXiv:1303.1411] and Clifford+π/12 [arXiv:1409.3552], running on average in time polynomial in O(log(1/ε)) (conditional on a number-theoretic conjecture). Ours is the first such algorithm that works for a wide range of gate sets and provides insight into what should constitute a "good" gate set for a fault-tolerant quantum computer. Joint work with Alex Bocharov, Martin Roetteler, Jon Yard:

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