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Processing Neuroimaging Data in R: Capabilities Muschelli, John


The hurdle to neuroimaging analysis for many statisticians is learning how to process neuroimaging data. As this data can be in specific formats for neuroimaging, it may not even be clear how to read the data into a software package. As many statisticians use R for statistical analysis, one goal is to have neuroimaging preprocessing in the same language. Many of these functions for neuroimaging processing are available in software suites with differing syntax and functionality. We present the R package fslr that ports these neuroimaging functions from the popular and open-source FSL software, such as brain segmentation, Gaussian smoothing, image registration, and tissue-class segmentation. We will discuss the advantages of having this package within R, as well as other packages being developed that allow for a full suite of neuroimaging tools for statisticians who use R.

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