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Time integration of MCTDH and matrix product states Lubich, Christian


A numerical integrator is proposed for solving the multiconfiguration time-dependent Hartree (MCTDH) equations of motion, which are widely used in computations of molecular quantum dynamics. In contrast to existing integrators, the proposed algorithm does not require inverses of ill-conditioned density matrices and obviates the need for their regularization, allowing for large step sizes also in the case of near-singular density matrices. The nonlinear MCTDH equations are split into a chain of linear differential equations that can all be efficiently solved by Lanczos approximations to the action of Hermitian-matrix exponentials, alternating with orthogonal matrix decompositions. The integrator is an extension to the Tucker tensor format of recently proposed projector-splitting integrators for the dynamical low-rank approximation by matrices and tensor trains (or matrix product states). The integrator is time-reversible and preserves both the norm and the total energy.

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