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Neuronal activity packets as basic units of neuronal code Luczak, Artur


Neurons are active in a coordinated fashion, for example, an onset response to sensory stimuli usually evokes a ~50-200ms long burst of population activity. Recently it has been shown that such 'packets' of neuronal activity are composed of stereotypical sequential spiking patterns. The exact timing and number of spikes within packets convey information about the stimuli. Here we present evidence that packets can be a good candidate for basic building blocks or 'the words' of neuronal coding, and can explain the mechanisms underlying multiple recent observations about neuronal coding, such as: multiplexing, LFP phase coding, and provide a possible connection between memory preplay and replay. This presentation will summarize and expand on opinion paper: Luczak et al. (2015, Nature Rev. Neurosci.; doi:10.1038/nrn4026)

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