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Somatic mutations in two cancer contexts: evolutionary dynamics and gene expression impact Shah, Sohrab


I will present two important emergent concepts in the interpretation of somatic mutations in cancer genomes. First, I will show evolutionary dynamics in cancer across temporal and spatial axes as measured by the prevalence of mutations marking clonal genotypes. I will show results from time series measurements of breast cancer patient derived xenograft models as well as patterns of clonal spread as inferred from synchronously sampled intra-peritoneal deposits in ovarian cancers. The second part of the talk will highlight cancer gene discovery, patient stratification and mutation interpretation through simultaneous integration of mutations and gene expression profiles. Results will be shown from analysis of the TCGA cohort across twelve tumour types which revealed ~30 novel tumour suppressor candidate genes and ~90 genes with previously undescribed trans-effects. Taken together, results from evolutionary dynamics and gene expression integration implicate temporal, spatial and transcriptional contexts as critical factors in the interpretation of somatic mutations in cancer.

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