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A quasistatic evolution model for perfectly plastic plates derived by Gamma-convergence Mora, Maria Giovanna


In this talk we shall discuss the rigorous derivation of a quasistatic evolution model for a linearly elastic - perfectly plastic thin plate. As the thickness of the plate tends to zero, we shall prove via Gamma-convergence techniques that solutions to the three-dimensional quasistatic evolution problem of Prandtl-Reuss elastoplasticity converge to a quasistatic evolution of a suitable limiting model. Such a model has a genuinely three-dimensional nature, unless specific data are prescribed. In particular, the stretching and bending components of the stress decouple only in the equilibrium condition, while the whole stress is involved in the stress constraint and in the flow rule.\\r\\nThis is based on a joint work with Elisa Davoli (Carnegie Mellon University).

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