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Time regularity of solutions to SPDEs Peszat, Szymon


Time regularity of solutions to SPDEs driven by Wiener process can be studied using either Kolmogorov criterion, Kotelenez theorem or Da Prato-Kwapien ́-Zabczyk factorization. It turns out that very often the solution is continuous is a given state space E even if the noise takes values in a bigger space U - E. If the noise is of jump type and does not take values in the space space then typically the solution is not c`adl`ag. In fact during the talk di↵erent concepts of c`adl`ag property will be discussed. A special emphasis will be put on infinite systems of linear equations driven by independent L ́evy processes. The talk will be based on the following papers: • S. Peszat and J. Zabczyk, Time regularity for stochastic Volterra equations by the dilation theorem, J. Math. Anal. Appl. 409 (2014), 676–683. • S. Peszat and J. Zabczyk, Time regularity of solutions to linear equations with L ́evy noise in infinite dimensions, Stochastic Processes Appl. 123 (2013), 719–751. • Z. Brze ́zniak, B. Goldys, P. Imkeller, S. Peszat, E. Priola, and J. Zabczyk, Time irregularity of generalized Ornstein–Uhlenbeck processes, C. R. Math. Acad. Sci. Paris 348 (2010), 273–276.

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