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Models of chromatin spatial organisation in the cell nucleus Nicodemi, Mario


In the cell nucleus chromosomes have a complex architecture serving vital functional purposes. Recent experiments have started unveiling the interaction map of DNA sites genome-wide, revealing different levels of organisation at different scales. The principles, though, which orchestrate such a complex 3D structure remain still mysterious. I will give an overview of the picture emerging from classical polymer physics of some general aspect of chromatin spatial organisation. The available experimental data, which can be rationalised in a single framework, support a picture where chromatin is a complex mixture of differently folded regions, self-organised across spatial scales according to basic physical mechanisms. I will also discuss applications to specific DNA loci, where models informed with biological details are tested against targeted experiments. Work in collaboration with M. Barbieri, M. Chotalia, L.M. Lavitas, J. Fraser, J. Dostie, A. Pombo.

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