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Xwi7xwa (pronounced 'whei-wha') provides library and information services relating to Aboriginal issues and subjects to UBC Aboriginal students and researchers, members of the University community, Aboriginal people and organizations, and the general public.

The library's collections focus on First Nations and Aboriginal interests in British Columbia. The emphasis is on Aboriginal perspectives and scholarship, including international Indigenous issues in areas such as: education; self-government; history and culture; literature; Indigenous knowledge; Aboriginal rights and title; languages; fine arts; Native law and criminal justice; economic development; and health and social services.

Xwi7xwa gives voice to Aboriginal collections and identifies new Indigenous scholarship through its research program to develop Aboriginal terminology for access to First Nations/Aboriginal digital and print collections. The First Nations House of Learning Indigenous Thesaurus establishes Aboriginal place names for Aboriginal communities, places, people, and concepts, and is an ongoing program extending Aboriginal classification.

This cIRcle collection contains items published by or authored by Xwi7xwa Library and its librarians. To view the entire collection, select "Titles" under "This Collection" or click here.

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The accompanying image was designed by Tsimshian artist Glen Wood. For more information on the logo, visit the First Nations House of Learning Publications collection.

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