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Thinking about Breastfeeding Brooks, Carellin 2011-2-18

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Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies, UBC Lecture Series  Wednesday, January 19th, 2011.  12:00 – 1:00 pm  At the Centre for Women's and Gender Studies 2080 West Mall (Rm 028) Jack Bell Building  “Please note new location of Lecture Series”     Carellin Brooks, Sessional Faculty, Women's and Gender Studies Program Instructor, UBC      Thinking about Breastfeeding  Breastfeeding’s many meanings would seem to render it a particularly fertile place to locate the intersection of queer theory, feminist body politics and sociological inquiry to intersect. Yet this seemingly ideal site of inquiry has been largely left to practical considerations by lactation consultants, midwives and medical practitioners. Today’s talk explores breastfeeding’s many inherently contradictory meanings and messages, especially when it is performed as an act in the public sphere. As this constitutes the initial mapping out of the background to my proposed research on this topic, your input is welcome and very much encouraged.   Carellin Brooks has taught Women in Literature online for Women’s and Gender Studies since 2003. Brooks is the author of Wreck Beach (New Star, 2007) and Every Inch a Woman (UBC Press, 2005). She received her doctorate from Oxford University in 2010.          


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