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Memory Traces of Ethnic and Gender Violence in Columbia’s Armed Conflict Pilar, Riaño‐Alcala 2010-11-20

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"  Everyone"welcome" " Pilar"RiañoどAlcalá,"Associate"Professor"of"Social"Work"and"Family"Studies,"UBC" Memory Traces of Ethnic and Gender Violence in Columbia’s Armed Conflict  "Women" are" untouchable" according" to" the" customary" laws" of" the" Wayuu" indigenous"peoples"of"the"Guajira"region"in"Colombia."The"massacre"of"six"Wayuu," four"of"them"women,"and"the"forced"displacement"of"the"entire"community"from" their"ancestral"territory" in"April"of"2004" radically"dislocated"these"principles"and" the" sense" of" the" everyday" life" in" a"warrior" society" that" have" resisted"military," religious" or" educational" occupations" of" their" land" since" colonial" times." In" this" presentation,"I"examine"the"living"memories"of"this"massacre,"the"forms"of"sexual" violence" exercised" and," the" resistance" strategies" and" memory" and" memorialisation"work" led"mostly" by"Wayuu"women." The" aim" is" to" discuss" the" ethnic"and"gender"dimensions"of"armed"conflicts"and"the"relevance"of"exploring" variations" in" sexual,"ethnic"and" regional" violence"as"observed" in" the"Colombian" case."" " Pilar"RiañoどAlcalá,"PhD"in"Anthropology"from"UBC"(2000)"is"an"associate"professor"at"the" School"of" Social"Work" and" Faculty" Fellow" in"Residence" at" the" Liu" Institute" for" Global" Issues.""Her" research" interests" include" the" lived" experience" of" violence," displacement" and"exile,"the"politics"and"practices"of"memory"in"societies"divided"by"armed"conflict"and" local" strategies" of" social" reconstruction" and" repair."Her"work" focuses"mainly" in" Latin" America.""Interested" in"the"exercise"of"public"pedagogy"and"the"practice"of"research"as" collaborative" process" of" knowledge" construction," professor" Riaño" also" explores" the" development" of" conceptual" and" methodological" approaches" for" participatory" and" community" based" research." Pilar" is" currently" collaborating" with" the" Colombian" Commission"of"Historical"Memory.""


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