CIHR Research Outputs 2010

This cIRcle collection supports UBC researchers in complying with the CIHR's Policy on Access to Research Outputs which states:

"Grant recipients are now required to make every effort to ensure that their peer-reviewed publications are freely accessible through the Publisher's website (Option #1) or an online repository as soon as possible and in any event within six months of publication (Option #2)." (see section 5.1.1)

"This policy applies to all grants awarded January 1, 2008 and onward, which have received funding in whole or in part from CIHR." (see section 4).

Collection Usage

Country Views Downloads
United States 131 34
Canada 63 86
China 30 40
Germany 15 56
India 8 1
City Views Downloads
Unknown 44 85
Washington 34 0
Los Angeles 21 0
Shenzhen 17 40
Ashburn 16 11
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